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Thanks for your interest in being a global speaker for the 2023 World Information Architecture Day

In this form, we’re confirming your interest and collecting information that will help the global board and WIAD23 planning committee to vote and select a global keynote for WIAD23. 

WIAD23 theme: Orientation and Wayfinding.

This form closes 10 October 2022 at 11:59 pm UTC-7. If you have any questions or feedback, please email

Speaker Information

While we have some information collected from the person who nominated you, we want to make sure that information is correct and accurate in the way you want to be represented.

Your Name

Let's make sure that we have your name to be presented and spelled correctly.
We understand that the order of one’s name depends on cultural context. How should your name be displayed?

Your Email

Preferred email to reach you


We have a rough timeline planned out.

16 January: deadline for talk and slides

Week of 23 January: technical dry run for recording

Week of 31 January - 3 February: recording of talk. Why this early? Because we need time to produce a transcript, translate into 10 languages, and produce the videos with the subtitles

4 March: Day of the event

Are you available?

Are you available?

Where are you located?

City, State/Province, Country
This gives us an idea for location and timezone scheduling.

What languages are are comfortable speaking in?

The talk itself can be in any language; however, the Q&A should probably be in English or Spanish or at least a language where there is good live transcription.

What is your proposal?

What is your idea? Provide a title and a short abstract.
How do you think the theme “Orientation and Wayfinding” relates to information architecture?
What are your key takeaways for the audience?

Why do you think you'd be a great speaker on this topic?

Anything else you’d like to share?

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