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For each speaker, please fill out a separate form. You can provide a minimum of data (mandatory fields are marked with *), but we appreciate your giving as much context as possible.

Speaker information

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Speaker 1 - Biography/CV

Include the speaker biography or CV in the original language and/or English. Max 350 characters.

Speaker 1 - Photo

Include a hi-resolution profile photo that can be used to show on the website. At least 800 x 800 pixels; 72 dpi.

Speaker 1 - Other materials

Provide URLs for any presentation slides, articles, videos, books to show that the speaker is recognized elsewhere.

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Please include at least 1 link.

Speaker 1 - Affiliations

Information effective at the time of the event.


We won't be displaying this. Might use it as a filter for searches for speakers in the future.

Other speakers

You'll be able to add up to 3 speakers here. If this session has additional speakers, please mention them in the additional comments at the end of the form.

Are there additional speakers or panelists to include?

Are there additional speakers or panelists to include?